What are the detailed steps of changing oil of vacuum oil filter?

What are the detailed steps of changing oil of vacuum oil filter? Under what conditions will the oil be changed

What are the detailed steps of changing oil of vacuum oil filter?

Professional production of vacuum oil filter, vacuum oil filter machine vacuum pump in general should be in line with sh0528-92 standard provisions of the vacuum pump oil. JC rotary vacuum pump oil with ISO~VG100 viscosity grade at ambient temperature of 10℃~40℃. Vacuum pump oil of ISO~VG32 viscosity grade is used at ambient temperature of 0℃~10℃. Vacuum pump operation must ensure that the oil level in the oil window height of 1/2-4/5. Oil levels and oil contamination should be checked frequently (weekly is recommended). If the oil level is too low, stop the XD rotary vane vacuum pump. Add the appropriate vacuum pump oil to 4/5 of the oil window height. If the oil is contaminated oil will become black, emulsified, thickened, should be promptly changed oil.

It is recommended to change the oil after the vacuum pump works for 150 hours at a time. Change the oil every 500 hours. Oil filter should be replaced at the same time. If the oil is contaminated black, emulsified, thickened should be timely oil change. And clean the pump before adding the new oil.

Vacuum pump cleaning and oil changing steps:

1. Stop JC rotary vane vacuum pump to discharge the hot oil.

2. Rotate the drain plug for 5~10 seconds.

3. Drain off the oil.

4. Fill with cleaning oil (No. 32 regular machine oil) to 3/4 of the window height.

5. Operate JC rotary vacuum pump for 5~10 minutes.

6. Stop the pump and drain the oil. If the oil does not meet the requirements, repeat steps 4 and 5.

7. Rotate the oil drain plug to run 5~10 banknotes.

8. Drain off the oil.

9, the injection of specified new vacuum pump oil.

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