What are the design requirements of gas trolley furnace?

What are the design requirements of gas trolley furnace? Learn about the skills of shopping!

Every equipment before it is produced is required to design, gas trolley furnace is no exception, such as this mechanical equipment, in the design of a lot of requirements, so do you know what specific requirements? The requirements of dimension parameters, power supply, safety and environmental protection, sealing and other aspects should be considered in the design, which are very important and must not be sloppy in the design. So when we go to choose and buy, how should choose and buy? What factors should be considered? The main need to see the type of fuel equipment, production nature and heating system, detailed content with the small make up to see the following article to understand it.

What are the design requirements of gas trolley furnace?

First, the design requirements of gas trolley furnace

What are the requirements for the design of gas trolley furnace? Dimension parameters, power supply, safety and environmental protection, sealing and other requirements need to be considered. Details are as follows:

1. Dimension parameters

The working area should be taken as the main design parameter for gas trolley furnace.

2, gas trolley furnace power supply

The gas trolley furnace shall be operated in 50HZ, two-phase four-wire 380V AC power network with a resistance furnace rated power of less than 5KW, using single-phase 220V; For more than 30KW, use two-phase 380V; In between, single phase two phase can be. The voltage of the control circuit shall not exceed 220V. The rated voltage is lower than the supply voltage of the gas trolley furnace should be equipped with voltage regulator, transformer or saturation reactor.

3, gas trolley furnace safety and environmental protection

For gas trolley furnaces with rated voltage higher than 25V, interlocking protection switches must be set to automatically cut off the power supply when the furnace or furnace cover is opened, or operation tools with ground protection or reliable insulation must be used. There shall be a safety protection housing at the terminal of the outlet rod or outlet line of the electric heating element of the gas trolley furnace.

The space inside the hood should be large enough to facilitate the introduction of the power cord and not be damaged. The housings and conductors shall be able to withstand the thermal effects of the gas trolley furnace during operation without damage. The controlled atmosphere furnace with explosion risk shall have the necessary interlocking alarm system and other safety devices.

4. Gas trolley furnace seal

The door or cover of intermittent gas trolley furnace should be closed reliably to minimize air leakage. The heating element and the thermocouple leading pipe hole should be sealed. To the control atmosphere furnace, the welding seam such as the furnace shell should not leak. Weld structure shall be guaranteed to be leak-proofed and welded after lining laying. Seal the vacuum furnace to ensure the vacuum furnace pressure rise rate.

What are the design requirements of gas trolley furnace?

Second, choose and buy the skills of gas trolley stove

Do you know the skill of choosing a gas trolley stove? When choosing a gas trolley stove, you need to look at the fuel type, production nature and heating system. The following is a detailed introduction:

1. Look at the type of fuel

According to the local resources, the factory conditions, according to local conditions to choose fuel, in order to determine the corresponding furnace.

2, look at the nature of production

In single piece or small batch production, such as machine repair shop, due to the large variety and size of the heating workpiece, the degree of complexity of the forgings, resulting in a large change in equipment productivity, which requires the heating furnace to have a greater flexibility to adapt to this situation. Chamber furnace can be used for heating medium and small forgings and small batch production. When heating large forgings (such as more than 1T), trolley type furnace can be selected to facilitate loading. In the die forging shop of mass production, continuous furnace and rotary bottom furnace can be selected according to the technological requirements and the conditions of the enterprise itself.

3. Look at the heating system

According to the process requirements of the heated workpiece, such as heating temperature range, heating uniformity, heating speed, furnace atmosphere requirements, whether the workpiece needs preheating, the degree of oxidation and decarburization restrictions and so on to choose the appropriate furnace.

The above is about the gas trolley furnace design requirements and the introduction of the skills of the purchase, we understand the requirements of the design, focus on the purchase of the skills, hope to help you.

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