What are the common faults of vacuum oil filter

Careful observation and comparison will find that the frequency of the vacuum oil filter is significantly higher than that of other types of oil filter, which may be closely related to its own performance and the wide range of application. The production organization of vacuum oil filter praised for its service knows how to grasp the customer's psychology, and continuously provides additional services to customers on the basis of ensuring the quality of equipment, which greatly improves the customer's favorable attitude towards the organization. In addition to the purchase stage to invest effort, should also fully grasp the filter frequently occur fault categories.

What are the common faults of vacuum oil filter

1. The heater was burnt out for no reason

A first-time user of a vacuum oil filter has no experience. After repeated use, the heater of the device burns out without any warning. The reason is to be found in the way it is operated. Many users turn on the heater of the equipment without turning on the oil circulation, leaving it in idle state for a long time, which will naturally burn out due to the rising temperature.

2. The filtered oil cannot be discharged normally

After the operation of the vacuum oil filter, it will enter the normal oil drainage stage. At this time, it is found that the oil drainage of the oil filter is not free and the speed is too slow. Do not panic when encountering this situation. Because this part of the work is manually operated, so many people will unconsciously ignore, resulting in the valve is not opened.

3. Fast and slow operation is not stable

Even the vacuum oil filter with guaranteed quality will encounter unpredictable problems in the practical application stage, such as unstable operation rate, and start to become fast and slow. Before you have to ask someone to repair it, take a look at the ambient temperature of the vacuum oil filter. If the actual temperature exceeds 40 degrees Celsius, the equipment will automatically enter the slow operation stage.

After the above detailed explanation, we should be able to quickly grasp the vacuum oil filter often appear fault categories, for those who often contact the oil filter and be disturbed by the fault, especially to focus on exploring this part of the content. Only clear the oil filter often appear fault, in order to timely reverse the improper operation, grasp the easy to ignore matters needing attention as soon as possible.

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