What are the characteristics of oil filter frequency conversion technology

The interlock frequency conversion technology is widely used in the design of oil filter, which not only saves the cost, but also ensures the safe operation of equipment and system. The characteristics of oil filter frequency conversion technology are as follows:

What are the characteristics of oil filter frequency conversion technology

1. Oil filter inverter is a power control device that USES frequency conversion technology and microelectronics technology to control ac motor by changing the working power supply frequency mode of the motor. Frequency converter is mainly composed of rectifier (AC - DC), filter, inverter (DC - AC), brake unit, drive unit, detection unit and so on.

2. The use of frequency converter in the oil filter can reduce the impact on the power consumption of the factory, so as to avoid the problem of excessively large peak-valley difference.

3. Oil filter adopts frequency converter to make the whole equipment and system more safe, and the service life will be increased correspondingly. Control the starting current of the motor, reduce the starting current sufficiently, and reduce the maintenance cost of the motor;

4. The use of frequency converter to filter oil can also reduce wear of mechanical transmission parts, so as to reduce the cost of use, and improve the stability of oil purification system.

5. Energy saving;

The energy saving of oil filter inverter is mainly reflected in the application of oil pump. Using frequency conversion speed regulation, when the flow requirements need to change, by reducing the speed of the oil pump can meet the requirements. Reduce the consumption of active power by excess torque when the motor cannot run under full load, and reduce the waste of electric energy.

6. Oil filter power factor compensation energy saving; Reactive power not only increases the line loss and equipment heating, but more importantly, the reduction of the power factor leads to the reduction of the active power of the factory grid. A large amount of reactive power is consumed in the power lines of the factory, resulting in low equipment use efficiency and serious waste. After using the variable frequency speed regulating device, due to the filter capacitance inside the converter, the reactive loss is reduced and the active power of the factory power line is increased.

7. Soft start energy saving; Hard starting of the motor will cause serious impact on the filter element of the front stage, and it will also have too high requirements on the capacity. The large current and vibration generated during starting will cause great damage to the filter element, which will adversely affect the service life of the control elements and pipelines of the equipment. After using the variable frequency energy saving device, the soft start function of the frequency converter will make the starting current start from zero, and the maximum value will not exceed the rated current, which will reduce the impact requirements on the filter element and equipment components, and extend the service life of the filter element and valve. Save the maintenance cost of the equipment.

8. Balanced frequency conversion technology control of inlet and outlet flow of oil filter; At present, many vacuum oil filter factories basically use vacuum oil, solenoid valve to control the amount of oil, the level of vacuum determines the amount of oil intake not only can not reach the role of regulating the balance of oil intake, will seriously lead to the problem of vacuum pump oil injection, causing environmental pollution. The frequency conversion technology of oil filter is to control the flow rate of oil in and out with automatic balance of the whole machine, and to realize the requirement of intelligent automation of oil filter according to the chain reaction of the flow rate.

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