What are the advantages of sic nozzles

The sic nozzles sold by sic nozzles manufacturers have high strength, high hardness, strong corrosion resistance, severe wear, high temperature resistance and other excellent performance, and have a relatively long service life under harsh environmental conditions. So what are the advantages of silicon carbide nozzles? The following by the silicon carbide nozzle manufacturers to give you a detailed introduction.

What are the advantages of sic nozzles

As an energy-saving refractory, sic nozzles are widely used in high-temperature kilns of sanitary ceramics, daily porcelain, electric porcelain, steel and iron heat treatment industries. The advantages of sic nozzles are as follows:

1. It has a relatively high hardness, so the silicon carbide nozzle has a good erosion resistance and a long service life.

2, silicon carbide nozzle material elasticity is good, than the same specifications of the product quality is lighter.

3. The surface of the material is smooth without pores, and the internal flow passage is smoother, less prone to scaling, and atomization is more uniform.

4, also has a better heat transfer effect, silicon carbide nozzle will not be easily alternated between hot and cold to produce cracking deformation.

The above content is introduced by the silicon carbide nozzle manufacturers for you all content, hope to give you a certain degree of help. To learn more about silicon carbide nozzles, please stay tuned.

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