What are the advantages of high frequency heater?

High frequency heating machine can be used for surface heat treatment of industrial metal parts such as surface quenching, metal melting, rod heat transfer, tool welding, etc. It is necessary to choose a suitable high frequency heater. For better results, it is necessary during operation. Pay attention to the operation of high frequency heater. Compared with the previous heating machine, the high-frequency heating machine has the following four advantages:

What are the advantages of high frequency heater

1. The high-frequency heater is more energy-saving and environmental friendly: it is a reform of the heating mode. It also has the function of electric energy heating, but compared with the electric furnace, it can save 40% of the electric energy.

2. The performance of the high-frequency heater meets various needs: it can make the metal object instantly heated to any temperature required, including its melting point.

3. High frequency heater has higher efficiency: it does not need to be heated in the same way as other heating methods. It can generate high temperature in the metal directly by heating the metal object heated by it.

4. The high-frequency heater can achieve precise control: it can not only heat the metal objects as a whole, but also selectively heat each part locally.

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