What are the advantages of a special oil filter for lubricating oil

What are the advantages of a special oil filter for lubricating oil

1. Design and install ultra-high temperature protectors to avoid oil overheating and carbonization.

2, the machine treatment cycle is short, high efficiency, can quickly remove water, gas, impurities and volatile in the oil.

3. Infrared liquid level control is used to completely avoid the phenomenon of oil running, and the unattended online oil filter can be completely realized. The operating state is shown by the indicator light.

4, it USES three-dimensional evaporation technology, multi-level oil and water separation technology, quickly separated a lot of water in the oil, but also can get out of the oil trace water and gas.

5, the use of precision filter core, strong ability to filter impurities, large area, deep level of precision filter material can remove fine particles in the oil, at the same time equipped with a permanent magnet filter to filter out fine impurities containing iron.

6. Advanced medium heat absorption and condensation system, automatic separation of condensate water device, automatic constant temperature control, infrared automatic level control, automatic defogging control, automatic over-pressure stop protection, automatic backwashing function and excellent configuration. Ensure the high performance of the equipment, simple operation, safe and reliable.

7. The heating system adopts the optimized pipeline design, low heating load, ensuring uniform heating, no "dead oil zone" and stable oil temperature. Adopting multi-group heating, the heating power input can be automatically controlled according to the instant oil temperature, making the equipment more energy saving.

8, choose corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance, high mechanical strength of the high quality filter components and connection sealing materials, vacuum pump and oil transfer pump with high quality brand products, and seal for professional technical treatment, no leakage, low operating noise, long service life.

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