What are overheat and underheat in vacuum heat treatment

What are overheat and underheat in vacuum heat treatment

Overheating of the regulatory body temperature rise, the set-point did not move, but due to the temperature regulating disorders (e.g., the temperature regulating center damage), or heat disorder (ichthyosis and environment caused by high temperature center, etc.) and generate heat organs abnormalities (such as thyroid function hyperfunction), temperature adjusting mechanism fails to control body temperature on the level of the corresponding to the set-point, wuxi heat is passive temperature; Underheat is the phenomenon that the fluid is in an unsaturated state, that is, the temperature of the fluid is below the saturation temperature.

In the vacuum heat treatment processing often appears overheat perhaps underheat question, so exactly what is overheat, what is underheat?

From the rough opening of bearing parts of roller fittings to the microscopic arrangement of overheating after quenching can be investigated. However, it is necessary to investigate the microscopic arrangement to determine the degree of overheating. If there is coarse acicular martensite in the quenching arrangement of GCr15 steel, the quenching overheating arrangement will be adopted. The reason may be that the quenching temperature is too high or the heating time is too long to form all the overheating; It may also be due to the severity of the original arrangement of zonal carbide, the low carbon zone between the two components of martensite spicules thick, the components of overheating. The residual austenite increased and the scale stability decreased. Because quenching arrangement overheat, steel crystal thick, will cause the parts of the tolerance decline, impact resistance function decline, bearing life also decline. Severe overheating may even constitute quenching cracks.

If the quenching temperature is too low or the cooling is not good, the tortensitic arrangement beyond the specification and rules will occur in the microscopic arrangement, known as the underheat arrangement, which will reduce the hardness and wear resistance, and affect the bearing life of supporting roller accessories.

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