Well type furnace spreader before opening furnace preparation

What preparations should be made before the well type furnace spreader is opened? Let's look at the explanation of multi-purpose furnace manufacturer together.

(1) check whether the operation condition of lifting mechanism and fan of the furnace cover and the lubrication condition are good.

(2) check whether the electrical parts of the equipment are normal, whether the furnace cover is well grounded, and whether there is a short circuit or circuit break in the heating element.

(3) check whether the furnace temperature instrument and thermocouple are normal.

(4) check whether the oil dropper or gas flow meter is in good condition.

(5) if the fan bearing of the furnace cover has been modified into a circulating cooling water cooling structure, check whether the cooling water circulation is normal.

(6) clean the accumulation of dust in the furnace tank, check whether there are cracks and other abnormal phenomena in the furnace tank, and clean other parts on the pipeline.

(7) check whether the valves are in the closed state and whether there is leakage.

(8) check whether the lifting equipment and spenders are complete and in good condition.

(9) check whether the sealing materials of the furnace cover are complete and intact.

(10) prepare tools and fixtures.

(11) reserve auxiliary materials, such as kerosene, methanol, samples and other materials.

(12) prepare fire extinguishing equipment.

(13) purge furnace tank with compressed air before heating up.

(14) bolts of furnace cover shall not be tightened when heating up.

Above is multi-purpose furnace manufacturers explain the well type furnace spreader before furnace to do what preparation, I hope to help you.

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