Well furnace structural characteristics

The well furnace is mainly composed of outer cover, inner tube, convection tube, burner, bottom stirring circulation fan, strong cooling fan and methanol cracking furnace.

1, the housing

The outer cover is composed of steel shell, furnace lining and hanging beam. The outer cover is the structural support of the whole furnace. There is a pair of guide rings at the lower part to cover the guide column with slightly different height on both sides of the hearth to ensure that the outer cover and the center line of the hearth coincide.

2, inner tube

The function of the inner tube is to separate the flue gas flow space from the controlled atmosphere flow space where the workpiece is located and to be the heat exchange surface in the heat transfer process. The inner tube has good sealing property, strong temperature resistance and oxidation resistance, and has certain stiffness, which can increase the heat transfer area, reduce deformation and extend the service life.

3. Convection tube

The role of the convection tube is to ensure that the material to be processed is separated from the inner tube, and to provide a controlled atmosphere of the convection channel. The hot gas flow first rises along the annulus between the convection tube and the inner tube, then flips down and enters the material stack. The gas velocity in the annulus is high and remains constant, which is conducive to the heat transfer between the airflow and the inner tube.

4. Bottom stirring fan

A stirring fan is installed in the center of the bottom of the furnace. During heating, the controllable atmosphere of circulating flow passes through the annulus between the convection tube and the inner tube, and the heat is transferred to the workpiece from the inner tube. The fan operates throughout the cooling phase, creating strong convection in the loading space. The controlled atmosphere transfers heat from the workpiece to the inner hood. The stirring fan adopts variable frequency speed motor, the motor speed can be adjusted according to the temperature in the furnace, with the characteristics of accurate speed, easy to use and maintain.

5. Burner

The burner system consists of burner, fan, pipe system and exhaust pipe. 2 rows of 8 burners are distributed along the tangent direction of the outer cover of the furnace body, which is conducive to uniform furnace temperature and reduce local overheating of the inner cover. It directly heats the inner tube and is the heating source of the well furnace.

6. Methanol cracking furnace

The methanol cracking furnace USES the CO produced by methanol pyrolysis to enter into the well furnace together with the mixed gas, so as to realize the corresponding heat treatment process. It is composed of feed system, gasification chamber, heat exchanger and temperature control system, which plays an important role in process stability.

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