Water softener of flow debugging control method

Water softener of flow debugging control method

1. Flow setting

According to the exchange capacity of the resin tank filled with the water softener calculated the value of the periodic water production minus the necessary amount of reserves is the set flow rate. Put out the flow disk and rotate it so that the set flow is aligned with the white dot on the flow disk. Then release the flow disk and make sure the gear meshes well. Note: check the flowmeter after initial installation

Turn the manual regeneration valve, go through the procedure

Clockwise rotation of the program wheel or clockwise rotation of the central wheel, so that the number of flow can be set at the white point can be changed at any time to set the flow

2. Time setting

Press the red button, loosen the engagement with the 24 hour time plate

Turn the time dial so that the real time of the day is aligned with the arrow marked "time fo day". Loosen the red button to re-engage with the time plate.

How to use manual water softener resin regeneration

Turn the manual regeneration knob clockwise and hear the "click" sound, which marks the beginning of the regeneration process

(2) turn the manual regeneration knob for about 3 hours, and turn the knob once to complete a regeneration process

4. Start regeneration immediately

When the flow disk moves to the number you set, the timer starts regeneration.

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