Water cooling system structure

Water cooling system composition

Water cooling system structure

It is composed of water pump, radiator, cooling fan, thermostat, compensation bucket, water jacket in engine body and cylinder head and other accessory devices.

(1) Water pump: Pressurize the coolant to ensure its circulating flow in the cooling system. Centrifugal pumps are widely used in automobile engines.

(2) Radiator: it is composed of inlet chamber, outlet chamber and radiator core. Coolant flows inside the radiator core and air passes outside the radiator core. The hot coolant cools by losing heat to the air, and the cold air warms by absorbing the heat released by the coolant, so the radiator ACTS as a heat exchanger.

(3) Cooling fan: When the fan rotates, it absorbs air and makes it pass through the radiator to enhance the heat dissipation capacity of the radiator and accelerate the cooling of the coolant.

(4) Thermostat: it is the valve that controls the coolant flow path. Depending on the temperature of the coolant, it opens or closes the coolant passages to the radiator.

(5) Compensation bucket: When the cooling fluid is heated to expand, part of the cooling fluid flows into compensation bucket; As the coolant cools, some of it is sucked back into the radiator, so it does not spill over.

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