Variable volume gas heat treatment furnace

Product use

This series of pit type variable volume gas heat treatment furnace is heated by natural gas, which is mainly used for stress relief heat treatment of large weldments, flanges, pressure vessels and other products.

Product features

1. The combustion medium is heated by natural gas, with full combustion, no pollution and fast heating speed. The maximum operating temperature can reach 650-1050 ℃, and the flue gas emission conforms to gb9078-88 industrial kiln smoke layer emission standard;

2. The furnace lining adopts zirconia ceramic fiber module structure, which has small heat storage, low heat loss and remarkable energy saving;

3. High speed flat flame burner shall be used for heating, with both sides evenly distributed. The combustion is regulated continuously by proportion, the air volume is regulated by actuator, and the gas volume is regulated by proportion valve. To achieve air-fuel proportional combustion, the gas and air volume are set with a lower limit, and the gas pipe of each burner is equipped with a control solenoid valve. Each burner is equipped with an independent and complete combustion controller, with automatic ignition, flame detection, fire alarm and automatic gas cut-off. In this way, the stability and safety of the combustion temperature control system can be fully guaranteed.

4. Waste heat utilization: preheat the high-temperature flue gas in the furnace to 200-300 ℃ through the heat exchanger, and then send it into the furnace to save gas consumption and production cost;

5. The door of the gas heating furnace adopts the composite frame structure of high aluminum all fiber fire-resistant silk blanket and heat-resistant steel, the electric hoist is lifted and lowered, and the door sealing mechanism adopts the long and short lever spring type automatic pressing cam mechanism (optional electric cylinder pressing device) and the soft edge sealing device. Ensure that there is no friction between the upper and lower parts, easy and free, safe and reliable.

6. The equipment covers a small area with low investment;

7. The furnace volume of the equipment can be designed with variable capacity, so that one furnace can be used for multiple purposes, and the appropriate furnace can be selected for heat treatment according to the size of product specifications, so as to save energy consumption in heat treatment production.

8. Control system: adopt intelligent PLC control type computer automatic control.

8.1. Furnace temperature control system:

Adopt advanced intelligent digital display temperature controller. It forms a closed-loop control with the temperature measuring elements and automatic control burners. The temperature controller interface and the upper PC are connected by R485 (RS422) bus to form an intelligent temperature control system of heat treatment furnace. The upper PC adopts industrial control computer, high-resolution LCD display and HMI monitoring software, which makes the whole system have a good user interface. Adopting advanced fuzzy control principle, it has high precision, high flexibility, anti-interference and high reliability. The temperature control system can automatically calculate, operate, display and store the heat treatment production process curve to realize the whole process control.

8.2. Furnace pressure automatic control system:

The pressure in the furnace can be set and adjusted automatically, so that the furnace pressure can be controlled at the best value, so as to ensure the stable working condition in the furnace and make full use of the heat of the furnace gas.

8.3. Pipeline parameter automatic control system:

The pressure of the combustion supporting air pipe and fuel pipe required by the combustion system can be set and adjusted automatically, so that the combustion supporting air and fuel can be controlled at the best ratio, ensuring high combustion efficiency and eliminating black smoke.

8.4 reliable safety protection system:

The instrument cabinet is equipped with operation value display of temperature, furnace pressure, burners and pipeline parameters, abnormal alarm and emergency protection measures to ensure operation safety.

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