Variable pressure vacuum drying equipment for power supply plug row equipment!

The power plug and row of the VSWM vacuum drying equipment are for the exclusive use of the equipment. It is forbidden to connect any electrical equipment unrelated to the equipment.

Do not connect other equipment or wires to the control cabinet or parts of the equipment.

Do not place any items in the control cabinet to prevent fire, short circuit, electric shock and other hazards.

Non-professionals are forbidden to open the cabinet door during the operation of the equipment to prevent electric shock.

Do not change the setting value of time relay in the control cabinet.

If it is found that the value of the heating ammeter is still displayed when the system is not heated by the program, it should be checked immediately whether the contactor is damaged. If the contactor is damaged, it should be replaced immediately. If one or two ammeters are found to be showing countless values during heating, it should be checked whether the fuse is damaged immediately. If the fuse is damaged, it should be replaced in time.


The heater terminal is on the top of the heat-conducting oil tank. Items are strictly prohibited to be placed. If the cover plate needs to be moved, please confirm that the heating cabinet is in the state of power failure.

Frequently check the operating state of the thermal oil system, and the pressure gauge 910 should be no less than 0.2mpa to prevent the oil pump from idling or poor circulation, which may lead to the non-flow of thermal oil in the oil tank and lead to local overheating of the oil tank.

In the initial stage of vacuuming, the vacuum degree should be increased on average to meet the mechanical strength requirement of the vacuum of the oil tank. The 66-110kv class transformer should reach the above vacuum requirement within at least 1 hour.

When the transformer body as a result of long time or other reasons, think there are signs of moisture, after leisure to link a long time of vacuum, the link time can be determined by the level of moisture, generally to 8-24 hours, for the sake of evaporation of water. Information history:

Clean the air in the pipeline when filling oil, and open the filling valve again when the filling valve is full of oil. The oil filling should be from bottom to top, and the oil filling speed is 2-3t/h, not across 6t/h, to prevent the oil flow from being charged. When the oil level is 100-200mm away from the top of the box, stop the oil injection and continue to connect the vacuum. The 110kV class transformer should be connected to the vacuum for more than 2 hours, and the 220kV class transformer should be connected to the vacuum for more than 4 hours.

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