Valves are used in oil and gas industry pipelines

Learn about the different types of valves used in the oil and gas industry and their differences: API and ASME gates, ball, check, ball and butterfly designs (manual or driven, with forged and cast body). In short, a mechanism for pipe applications to control, regulate, and open/close the flow and pressure of fluids. Forged valves are used for small diameter or high pressure piping and cast valves are used for piping of 2 inches or more.

What is a valve?

The different types of valves used in the petrochemical industry are suitable for any of the following applications:

Petrochemical valves

Valves are used in oil and gas industry pipelines

Start/stop flow of fluids (hydrocarbons, oil and gas, steam, water, acid) through pipes (e.g., gate, ball, butterfly, knife gate or cock)

Regulate the flow of fluid through the pipe (e.g., globe valve)

Control fluid flow (control valve)

Change of flow direction (e.g. three-way ball valve)

Regulating process pressure (reducing valve)

Protects piping systems or equipment (pumps, motors, fuel tanks) from overpressure (safety or pressure relief) or backpressure (check valves)

Filter debris flowing through the pipe to protect equipment that may be damaged by solid components (Y and basket filters)

Valves for the oil and gas industry

Valves are manufactured by assembling multiple mechanical components, the key components being the body (housing), the trim (replaceable liquid joint combination), the stem, the hood, and the motion mechanism (manual lever, gear or actuator).

Small bore (usually 2 inches) or valves requiring high pressure and temperature resistance are made of forged steel; Commercial valves more than 2 inches in diameter are made of cast material.

The market value of the valve is approximately $4 billion per year in 2018, and the major manufacturers are located in the United States, Europe (Italy, Germany, France and Spain), Japan and China.

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