Vacuum sintering furnace of maintenance technology

In order to ensure the smooth progress of dewaxing, reduction, sintering, alloying and densification in the sintering process, the vacuum sintering furnace must meet five requirements in structure and function.

Vacuum sintering furnace of maintenance technology

1. With perfect dewaxing device or belt, the sintered object can be dewaxed smoothly.

2. It has air tightness, that is to say, it must have the performance of isolating the air outside the vacuum sintering furnace and ensuring the smooth protective atmosphere inside the furnace.

3. The temperature of each section can be controlled and the atmosphere of each section can be adjusted, which can fully ensure the temperature needed for sintering objects and prevent over sintering or insufficient sintering.

4. The utility model has a conveying device and the conveying speed can be adjusted to prevent the sinter in the high-temperature heat treatment furnace from being blocked excessively.

5. The vacuum sintering furnace must also have a fast cooling device, which can quickly cool the sintered parts to the temperature that can be discharged from the furnace.

Because there are many kinds and types of vacuum sintering furnace, the maintenance and inspection items of vacuum sintering furnace are also different:

For the vacuum pump with gas ballast function, it shall be checked before the opening of vacuum sintering furnace every day and opened for 30 minutes as required to remove the moisture in the pump oil.

Check the rubber seal and flange surface of the furnace door, wipe it clean, and then apply vacuum grease to close the furnace door of vacuum sintering furnace.

Pay attention to whether the inlet and outlet water temperature of the cooling water is normal, and frequently check whether there is local temperature rise at the touch electrode joint, transformer cooling water pipe, furnace door and other parts.

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