Vacuum resistance furnace classification

1. External vacuum furnace :(put a vacuum furnace can in the chamber of a common well furnace)

A. The main operation is annealing, which can be cooled by removing the vacuum pipeline and lifting the furnace can, and several vacuum furnace cans can be prepared for continuous operation.

2. Internally heated vacuum furnace :(the tank is vacuum, and there is also a vacuum between the tank and the furnace body)

A. features: the pressure inside and outside the furnace can be consistent, reducing the wall thickness of the furnace

B. Internal heat type: the resistance wire is suspended inside the cylindrical furnace

Note: the difference between internal heat type and external heat type: resistance wire and furnace lining in internal heat type are in vacuum. In external heating, resistance wire and furnace lining are not in vacuum.

C. Types: carbon tube furnace, double-chamber vacuum furnace, high-pressure gas quenching furnace

A. Carbon tube furnace: the heat shield is a netting plate (0.3mm) with stainless steel.

When a neevil is hot, its surface becomes bright, reflecting back the radiant energy and keeping it warm. And its own gas content is small, so it is suitable for high vacuum.

B, double chamber vacuum furnace, the furnace is horizontal, points before and after room, are vacuum, vacuum between gate apart, in the room after a sealed tank, the artifacts in the heating chamber, good, open the vacuum valve, pull to the front room, carbon felt run out of gas before also rushed to the room, then close the vacuum valve, open the oven door discharging. After feeding, first vacuum the front chamber, then open the vacuum gate to heat the rear chamber. Also can pass protective gas, after adding oil groove, can make quenching treatment.

C. High-pressure gas quenching furnace: the workpiece is quenched by high-pressure gas, suitable for high-speed steel

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