Vacuum oil filter solves water and impurities caused by temperature difference

In the mechanical equipment industry, there will always be some problems caused by the big temperature difference in the weather. When the hot air inside the oil tank and the cold air outside the oil tank contact each other, water vapor will be produced and mixed into the oil products, and the quality of the oil products will also be greatly affected. The vacuum filter oil is very good at dealing with the problems encountered in this area, dealing with excess water and impurities in the oil.

Vacuum oil filter solves water and impurities caused by temperature difference

In the annual spring and autumn temperature difference between day and night, after the excavator stops working at night, the oil inside the hydraulic oil tank is high temperature, the air outside the tank is low temperature, the hot air inside the tank and the cold air outside the tank meet and contact, it will condensate into water drops at the top of the tank and fall in the hydraulic oil. Over time, the hydraulic oil gets mixed with water, which in turn becomes acidic and eats away at the metal surface. In the impact and mechanical operation of the pipeline pressure, under the dual function of metal off the surface of the metal particles will be mixed in the hydraulic oil, at this time if the hydraulic oil do purification treatment of metal particles is filter to filter out, and less than 10 microns hydraulic filter can filter out particles, filtering out of wear particle mixing in the hydraulic oil will increase again wear on the surface of the metal.

Therefore, we should purify the hydraulic oil every year and purify it when replacing the new oil. In this way, the old oil in the equipment can be purified into new oil without contaminating the new oil.

When we encounter this kind of problem, the best way to deal with it is to use the vacuum oil filter to filter the oil, and to check the oil in the oil tank and oil line of the mechanical equipment regularly, whether there are impurities. In China, the cleanliness of oil hydraulic and moisture is related to the standard, in order to make the oil does not age, mechanical equipment more durable, regular inspection of equipment oil quality is very important thing.

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