Vacuum oil filter of operation method

Take you to understand the operation method of vacuum oil filter

Connect the inlet and outlet oil pipeline, connect the 380V power supply, connect the safety ground wire, check whether the circuits are connected safely, whether the valves of each oil circuit are opened, and carry out the operation procedure after the preparation is correct. First start the cooling water pump, check whether the water circulation is normal, and then start the vacuum pump of the vacuum oil filter to make the oil in the vacuum pump of the vacuum oil filter run normally, and then make the vacuum pump of the vacuum oil filter run continuously.

Vacuum oil filter of operation method

When the surface of the vacuum pump of the vacuum oil filter reaches the limit, the oil inlet valve can be opened until the oil level can be seen from the bottom of the vacuum cylinder. The oil drain pump switch is started to drain the oil to filter the impurities. The oil circuit circulates normally, and the heater switch is turned on to remove the water in the volatile oil. If there is more water in the oil, the oil in the vacuum cylinder will not increase. At this time, the vacuum pump controlled by air release must be opened. When the water content decreases and the oil floats down, the vent valve is closed to make the vacuum reach the limit.

At this time, attention should be paid to the reaction of each instrument. If the pressure gauge reading is greater than 0.4MPa, it means that the filter paper in the filter has more impurities, so the vacuum filter needs to be replaced with new filter paper. After the work is finished, open the vent valve to make the vacuum degree reach the normal atmospheric pressure, drain the oil in the cylinder, and discharge the remaining oil from the oil drain hole to prevent mixing with different types of oil in the next use, especially in winter Don't pay attention, empty the water in the vacuum pump and water tank, otherwise, the vacuum pump and water storage tank will be damaged.

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