Vacuum oil filter for industrial lubricating oil dewatering

Operating principle of lubricating oil vacuum filter

Filter oil machine is working, the need to filter the oil in the outside world under the action of atmospheric pressure and vacuum pump suction into into heater, after heating, the oil through strong magnetic filter, metal particles and large particles impurities by filtering, tiny impurities particles into the secondary again filter, precision filter, remove the impurities of the oil into the three-dimensional vacuum flash tower, under the action of spray device, the oil dispersed into mist, spray on the 3 d flash pall ring, form a thin oil film thickness (0.025 mm), the oil film curve downward movement, produces a larger area of aeration and aeration process of retention time, Thus full demulsification, dehydration, degassing of the separation process. The mixed gas formed by evaporated water vapor, light hydrocarbon and other gases enters the water-gas separation unit and condenses into water in strong wind and is discharged by the drainage unit. The non-condensable gas is discharged through the vacuum pump, and the oil to remove water, gas and mechanical impurities goes into the precision filter through the oil pump, and the fine impurities in the oil are filtered out to be the purified oil and clean oil to complete the whole purification.

Vacuum oil filter for industrial lubricating oil dewatering

Lubricating oil vacuum filter material

Conventional: Carbon steel non-standard customization: 304 stainless steel and 306 stainless steel can be selected

Optional mode for lubricating oil vacuum filter

• PLC intelligent control, touch screen operation and dynamic display can be optional according to user requirements.

• Online water detector and particle detector are optional.

• The whole machine structure can be made into mobile, fixed, trailer (half axle or double axle), fully enclosed, covering eaves, canvas shed, open type.

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