Vacuum heat treatment technology

The vacuum heat treatment process is carried out in the natural environment with atmosphere less than one atmosphere, so it is also called atmosphere controlled heat treatment. The vacuum heat treatment technology has the following two characteristics:

One, the vacuum heat treatment processing has the superiority, the vacuum heat treatment processing and the controllable atmosphere with the wide application of non-oxidation heat treatment technology, the vacuum heat treatment is also the current heat treatment production technology advanced degree of one of the main indicators.

Vacuum heat treatment can not only achieve the steel without oxidation, without decarburization, but also can achieve the production of pollution-free and less distortion of the workpiece. Therefore, vacuum heat treatment also belongs to the category of clean and precise production technology. At present, vacuum heat treatment has become an irreplaceable advanced technology in mold production.

Two, the vacuum heat treatment process workpiece distortion is small.

According to the introduction of vacuum heat treatment plant, the distortion of vacuum heat treatment is only one third of that of salt bath heat quenching. It is of great significance to popularize the vacuum heat treatment technology to study the vacuum heating methods of various materials and parts with different complexity and the distortion law under various cooling conditions, and to simulate them by computer. The air circulation in the furnace is studied by computer simulation in vacuum heat treatment.

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