Vacuum heat treatment quenching technology

Vacuum heat treatment under different pressure high pressure air quenching technology

By the rapid development of the vacuum heat treatment and high pressure gas cooling quenching technology, there appeared the high negative pressure gas cooling flow rate, pressure air cooled and high pressure gas cooling, new technologies, such as ultrahigh pressure gas cooling not only greatly improved the ability of vacuum cooling quenching heat treatment, and after quenching workpiece surface brightness is good, small deformation, and the advantages of high efficiency, energy saving.

Vacuum heat treatment high-pressure air-cooled quenching is used for material quenching and tempering, solid solution and aging of stainless steel and special alloys, ion carburizing and carbonitriding, as well as vacuum heat treatment sintering, brazing cooling and quenching.

When cooled and quenched with 6× 10-5pa high-pressure nitrogen, the cooled load can only be loose, high speed steel can be quenched to 70 ~ 100mm, and high alloy hot work die steel can be quenched to 25 ~ 100mm. When cooled and quenched with 10× 10-5pa high-pressure nitrogen, the cooled load can be intensive, increasing the load density by about 30% ~ 4O% compared with 6× 10-5pa.

With 20 x 10-5 pa ultrahigh pressure nitrogen or helium and nitrogen mixture cooling quenching, the cooling load is dense and can together, its density is 6 x 10-5 pa when nitrogen cooling increased by 80% ~ 150%, can be cooled all the high speed steel, high alloy steel, hot work die steel and Cr13 % more alloy oil quenching steel, chrome steel and 9 mn2v steel such as large size.

SIMUWU double chamber vacuum heat treatment plant has a separate cooling chamber gas cooling quenching furnace cooling capacity is superior to the single room of the same type of furnace, the 2 x 10-5 pa nitrogen double chamber furnace cooling effect of cooling and 4 x 10-5 pa single chamber furnace is quite, but as a result of base material industry in China (graphite, molybdenum materials, etc.) and supporting components (such as motor) level needs to improve, so in improving 6 x 10-5 pa single chamber high pressure vacuum heat treatment to protect the quality at the same time, the development of double chamber pressure and high pressure gas cooling quenching furnace more accord with national conditions.

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