Vacuum heat treatment of titanium alloy

Without proper heat treatment of this particular material, specific critical metallurgical properties cannot be obtained. The heat treatment of titanium 6Al4V usually includes a solution treatment above the β-transition temperature, followed by rapid cooling (water quenching). The part is then aged for a period of time at a specified temperature. Changzhou heat treatment plant applies this treatment method to most forged products.

However, today's aviation engineers must design improved "buy-in-flight" ratios. (The purchase ratio is the quality of the material required to process the part, compared to the quality of the original part.) Due to the excessive deformation of the heat treatment 6AAl-4V during the water quenching process, today's engineers need to develop a new alloy mold to be "controlled cooling" To control distortion.

Alloy development to control this distortion led engineers to design a near-net shape of Ti5553. The heat-treated BASCA (β and Neil slow-cooling age) heat treatment of 5553 not only has better performance, but also has a better "buy-in-fly" ratio compared to competitors Ti-6Al-4V.

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