Vacuum heat treatment furnace factors affecting the treatment effect

What are the factors affecting the treatment effect of vacuum heat treatment furnace?

Vacuum heat treatment furnace is an important equipment for vacuum heat treatment. Vacuum treatment furnace is widely used, mainly for structural steel, heat resistant alloy, precision alloy and materials of vacuum tempering, aging, annealing, quenching, can also be used for vacuum degassing, brazing and sintering.

1, the purchase of furnace to consider the process of versatility that quenching and tempering temperature range to be wide. In particular, the tempering temperature of high alloy steel is high and it is very convenient to conduct tempering directly after quenching.

2. The control system is the core part of vacuum heating furnace to ensure its reliability and perfection. The best monitoring and fault display, recording function for imported equipment needs to be equipped with remote monitoring function so as to ensure the timeliness of fault treatment to reduce certain maintenance costs.

3, choice of vacuum furnace according to the parts to be heat treatment chemical composition and the heating temperature must meet metal oxide and carbon monoxide balance points decompression and to consider the relationship between certain room do not pursue high high vacuum degree of vacuum degree not only cause the volatilization of alloy elements and will cause the equipment configuration for improvement of the investment cost increase.

4. The forms and materials of heating elements in vacuum furnace are different to some extent. Generally the plate type and bar type are of high quality graphite for many materials. The quality of heating element is related to the rate of heating and the temperature. When selecting the heating element, choose the high-performance heating element configuration as much as possible.

6. The reliability and tightness of the vacuum system configuration are also very important. If the instability or poor sealing is easy to appear vacuum degree can not reach the situation, at this time may change the color or shape of the workpiece, so in the selection of this aspect of the problem must be very attention.

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