Vacuum heat treatment equipment process advantages

Vacuum heat treatment is now a mature practice on aerospace (OEM and maintenance) land, based on the turbine, automotive, and tool industries; vacuum heat treatment is also widely used in a wider range of heat treatment applications, such as bright annealing and stress relief.

Vacuum heat treatment produces a variety of horizontal, bottom-loaded and top-loaded vacuum heat treatment furnaces. The design of the split hearth has the inherent advantage of easy access to loading and maintenance. All furnaces can be designed to meet various customer requirements and work capacity up to 4,000 pounds.

The main advantages of this process are professional: bright non-oxidizing coating, no carbonization or decarburization, no soldering, controlled heating, repeatability, no harmful fumes or toxic waste; more for applications, such as: Aging of nickel-based alloys; high temperature brazing; sintering of powder metals.

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