Two-stage high efficiency vacuum transformer oil purifier

ZJA series two-stage high efficiency vacuum transformer oil purifier


ZJA series two-stage efficient vacuum transformer oil purifier is widely used in power plant, power station, electric power company, transformer factory, metallurgy, petrochemical, mechanical engineering, transportation, railways, transformer manufacturing industries, especially suitable for 110 kv transformer maintenance of high-grade new transformer oil, transformer oil, transformer oil, ultra-high voltage transformer oil for deep purification, also can be used in the vacuum of oil filling, vacuum drying and vacuum transformer operation. In addition, the series purifier can work online without stopping the transformer.


Advanced two-stage high-capacity dewatering and degassing system adopts large-area stereoscopic flash technology to remove harmful ingredients such as water, air, gas and hydrocarbon.

It can be widely used in the field installation or maintenance of transformers, filling transformers and circuit breakers with oil under vacuum conditions or performing transformer evacuation operations.

Sophisticated filtration systems, high quality filtration elements and progressively sophisticated multistage filtration help to remove mechanical impurities from the oil. The filter has the function of self - check to the situation of contamination.

It is equipped with automatic temperature control system, liquid level control system, defoaming control system, pressure protection system and high quality main parts to ensure the high reliability and perfect performance of the equipment.

The series purifier supports the online operation without monitoring, and the indicator light shows the operation status.

Humanized design, low noise, easy to operate, long maintenance free time, energy saving, reducing operating costs.

With electric interlock design. Vacuum system, oil pump system, heating system control interlock.

Equipped with an indicator to replace the filter and an automatic stop device for the overload filter.

Equipped with leakage and overload emergency stop device to protect the motor.

With phase sequence, missing phase protection and safety control, can realize sudden stop.

Equipped with a vacuuming interface for transformer extraction operation.

Imports and exports are interchangeable.

Optional design pattern:

PLC intelligent control, touch screen operation, dynamic display of operation status.

On - line moisture tester, on - line particle counter, on - line flow meter, and has addition function.

Free flow regulating frequency converter

Structure of the whole machine: four-wheel mobile, fixed, trailer mobile (double or single axle), fully enclosed, covered eaves, canvas open, etc.


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