Treatment technology of heat treatment furnace

Heat treatment equipment refers to the equipment used to implement the heat treatment process. In the heat treatment workshop there are fuel, electricity, water, gas and other power supply equipment needed to maintain heat treatment production, as well as lifting and transportation equipment, production safety and environmental protection equipment. The equipment that completes the operation of the heat treatment process is usually called the main equipment, and the equipment necessary for supporting the main equipment and maintaining the production is called the auxiliary equipment.

Heat treatment furnace refers to heat treatment heating equipment with furnace chamber. Because in the heating process, the furnace is first heated, and then participate in the heat exchange of the workpiece, so the heating nature of the heat treatment furnace belongs to indirect heating.

Heating device refers to the device where the heat source directly heats the workpiece. Therefore, its heating property is direct heating. Its heating method can be directly spray flame 焼 artifacts, direct input to the workpiece heating current, to produce induced current in the workpiece heated work-piece and plasma, laser and electron beam impact and heating, etc.

The surface modification devices mainly include vapor deposition devices and ion implantation devices.

A vapor deposition device is a device for depositing metal or compound coatings on the surface of a workpiece through physical and chemical processes in the vapor phase. Ion implantation is the implantation of nitrogen, metal, and other ions into the surface of a material. This kind of process is different from the traditional heat treatment method of strengthening metal by heating and cooling. It is a new method to improve the surface properties of metal.

Surface oxidation device refers to the device that produces a dense oxide film on the surface of the workpiece by chemical reaction. It consists of a series of slots, usually called blue or black slots.


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