Treatment of industrial emulsified oil by lube oil filter

The quality of lubricating oil has a great influence on the performance and service life of mechanical equipment. Emulsified oil, in particular, will promote the corrosion of mechanical parts, resulting in astringency, reduce the sensitivity of equipment action.

Treatment of industrial emulsified oil by lube oil filter

In general, lubricants are emulsified because of water content in the oil. So to determine whether the oil is emulsified, it is necessary to see whether the oil contains water.

There are two simple ways to detect moisture in oil:

One is to pour the oil to be tested into a test tube, which contains two-thirds of its volume. Seal the mouth of the test tube with cork and wax and heat it on the alcohol lamp. If have bubble to appear, send out at the same time "pa", "pa" sound, and in the tube wall above the oil surface condensation beads, there is water in the oil can be explained.

The other is to put anhydrous sulphate steel (white powder) into a test tube filled with lubricating oil, such as copper sulphate, which turns from white to blue, which can also prove that water is present in the oil. These two methods cannot give the amount of moisture contained, but can only be estimated empirically by the amount of bubbling of the lubricating oil during heating and the amount of copper sulfate added.

After the emulsification of lubricating oil is determined, the emulsified oil must be filtered before it can be used.

TYD type lubricating oil filter is especially suitable for oil with high moisture content and serious emulsification in lubricating oil, hydraulic oil and refrigerating oil. The lubricating oil filter adopts special film evaporation technology and molecular evaporation technology, which can break the emulsification quickly and make the oil with turbidity emulsification become clear and transparent.

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