Transformer transformer drying process

Transformer in use process may cause equipment and damp, because of various reasons lead to seriously affect the efficiency of equipment be affected with damp be affected with damp, so we usually variable pressure method is used to dry work of drying process for equipment, in order to ensure the accuracy of the operation, this will have on the transformer transformer method to understand the main technical points of the drying process.

Transformer transformer drying process

1. During the main stage (when the water discharged accounts for 50% of the total water output), the closing time of the main valve should be set accurately. If the setting time is long, the moisture in the tank can not be taken out in time, will cause the iron core rust. If the setting time is short, the humidity is not fully released that is vacuuming, will reduce the drying efficiency. This problem has been found in the actual production, especially in the summer, the air humidity is large, the water output is large, the iron core is easy to rust, should be adjusted in time the closing time of the main valve.

2. The leakage rate of the vacuum tank should be very low and stable, on which the accuracy of terminal point can be guaranteed. Because the vacuum system is shut down at the end of drying, the pressure rise in the tank consists of two parts, one is the steam released by the transformer body, and the other is the leakage of the vacuum tank itself. Only when the leakage rate of the vacuum tank is small and stable can the water output of the tank be judged to be up to the standard.

The main technical points of transformer transformer drying process have been introduced above, so as long as we operate in accordance with the requirements of the provisions, we can quickly dry the equipment, effectively avoid the occurrence of equipment failure, to extend the service life of the equipment.

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