Transformer overcurrent in cause

At the time of application of transformer, we often encounter device restarts after tripping or is to speed up the phenomenon of trip, this is what we call the comparison of several typical flow phenomenon, appear this kind of circumstance, common causes are different, so we also is not invariable, when dealing with problems should be flexible, so we mainly talk about today, several kinds of common causes of flow occurred?

Transformer overcurrent in cause

1. Transformer output short circuit is generally caused by load short circuit, the more common is the motor short circuit (motor vibration caused by loose wiring short circuit).

2. The transmission device is damaged or the process setting is unreasonable, causing the mechanical parts to get stuck sometimes. When the load will suddenly increase, the current will also increase. When the current exceeds the over-current value set by the transformer, in order to protect its internal devices, it will report the "over-current" fault tripping.

3. When the mechanical inertia of the transmission mechanism is too large and the capacity of the motor is too small, the motor current will be too large, resulting in the over-current tripping of the transformer. (especially at the beginning)

4. Starting and accelerating the transformer time setting too short will cause the change of its output frequency is far more than the change of the motor speed (i.e., stall), if the V/F boost voltage is too large, the output frequency is higher, and the motor speed is relatively low, will cause stall failure, and this kind of "stall" also leads to its over-current fault.

When the transformer overflows, we should not panic, just deal with it normally, we need different solutions for different reasons, only in this way can we better maintain the equipment and ensure that it can better improve its working efficiency in use.

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