Transformer oil purifier transformer oil filter equipment

1. Functions of transformer oil purification device

The main function of DZL series signal two-stage efficient vacuum oil purifier is to remove the free and dissolved water, gas and mechanical impurities in the insulation oil, to ensure the purity of the insulation oil and improve the insulation performance. Suitable for oil treatment of 500KV uhv transformer and 220KV transformer. It is suitable for the treatment of capacitor oil, transformer oil and frozen oil.

2. Technical features of transformer oil purification unit

Huazheng horizontal double vacuum separation technology is adopted to double the evaporation area, which is highly efficient and reliable. The coalescing oil mist separator is used to completely remove the gas in the oil.

Using American high quality filter element, fineness: 5 meters, ≥ 1000.

Low noise and long service life.

American heating technology is adopted, and thermal radiation and constant temperature control are adopted.

Using float valve and photoelectric oil level control, eliminate the monitoring.

French defoaming technology is adopted to avoid oil leakage.

PLC to achieve digital control and automatic control.

Main electrical appliances are imported from the United States, the control system is safe and reliable.

3. Specifications for transformer oil purification plants



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