There are two problems in FRP cooling towers

I. cooling capacity of FRP cooling tower

FRP cooling tower capability is the core of cooling tower quality. An important component of the cooling tower, the pouring water packing, is used to reduce the water temperature of the cooling water. The temperature drop of the pouring water cooling tower packing reaches 60% ~ 70% of the temperature drop of the whole tower. It can be seen that the quality and performance of the pouring water packing largely determine the cooling ability of the cooling tower.

There are two problems in FRP cooling towers

The question that often appears is: cooling tower user discovers cooling effect is not very good in operation, or the water temperature drop of cooling water is worse and worse; Or lose the cooling power altogether.

Two, glass steel cooling tower water loss

The water loss of cooling tower is an important operation parameter of water saving. The amount of new water the FRP cooling tower can replace depends on how much water is lost in the cooling water cycle. Cooling tower water loss includes transpiration loss, wind loss and sewage loss.

1. Transpiration loss. Transpiration loss is inevitable in wet cooling towers.

2. Lost by wind. Wind loss is when water droplets in the hot and humid air flow from the cooling tower are blown out of the tower by the wind.

3. Sewage loss. Cooling tower blowdown loss is to prevent the formation of soluble solids scale, but by the cooling pool secreted away the water. In practice, the cooling tower users have no process to ensure the water quality of the cooling water is stable, resulting in a high concentration ratio of cooling water (low concentration ratio), increasing the amount of sewage discharge, and increasing the amount of new water to make up for.

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