The main factors causing uneven hardening hardness of the workpiece

During the quenching process, due to the different flow speed of quenching and cooling medium around the workpiece, some parts even form a "dead Angle" of liquid flow, resulting in the inconsistent cooling speed of the workpiece in different parts, resulting in uneven hardness of the workpiece in different parts.

Against the workpiece quenching hardness uneven problem analysis, the main factors that result in the same batch of quench hardness uneven is due to the cooling speed of workpiece, access to large parts of the cooling flow medium speed, quenching effect is good, the other side and slow cooling, quenching effect is poor, cause uneven with different parts of the batch of quench hardness, so ideal quenching process should be the material around the basket can be evenly exposed to large flow of the medium at low temperature. To this end, we design a quenching tooling: rotary body. When in use, hang it on the upper part of the basket

The tooling USES a combination of thrust bearing and deep groove ball bearing, the thrust bearing bears the downward pull (the weight of the workpiece and basket), and the deep groove ball bearing bears the radial pressure. During quenching, the position of the charging basket in the quenching groove is adjusted to make the outlet direction of the output tube offset by a distance from the center of the charging basket. By using the impact force formed by the mixing pump, a certain torque is generated to promote the rotation of the charging basket. In this way, the whole circumference direction of the charging basket can contact with the large flow and low temperature medium to achieve the desired effect.

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