The main characteristics of the hooded quenching furnace equipment

The control system of the hooded quench furnace mainly regulates and controls the gas flow rate, gas flow rate and dilution flow through the furnace temperature and pressure test. Furnace pressure impact on the use of heating furnace, bell furnace gas quenching furnace pressure will be the sealing gap of the furnace body air erosion, the choice of fiber material sealed the oven door and the pressure at the bottom, at the same time, high mixing flow of the furnace body and transport equipment form will also affect the surrounding environment. When the furnace is lowered, cool air is sucked in from the sealed air, and the heat in the furnace can be quickly pumped out of the furnace to form fuel waste. Therefore, the exhaust pipe is installed on the pressure measuring point, and the electric control valve is controlled to keep the furnace pressure in the state of micro-positive pressure.

The furnace is controlled by a clapboard furnace. Each area has a thermocouple that measures the temperature to enter a multipoint recorder and tracks the room temperature. Safety chain system of safety chain cover quench furnace furnace door, when the door is not open to a certain position, the car will be locked, the car will be locked, when the car does not open. Incineration of the burner is not activated when air pressure and compressed air pressure do not meet the requirements. If it burns, it will be shut down.

The main characteristics of the cover type quenching furnace set the energy-saving effect is good: the equipment furnace lining all choose high aluminum refractory fiber, and firebrick thermal conductivity is small, small heat capacity, so the thickness of the refractory layer is small, and greatly reduce the heat absorption. This equipment selects the high speed temperature regulating nozzle system, the ejecting speed is large, reaches 100m/s, can be used to stir furnace gas, the furnace temperature is uniform, and the nozzle system is completely incinerated, so that the fuel is fully used. The selection of furnace pressure zero control and full sealing technology, is the largest combination of (between the furnace car and the body of the seal) in a zero furnace pressure, furnace gas does not leak, cool air does not leak, so that the heat generated by burning can be used usedly. When using 2 trolley in turn in and out, useful to get rid of empty furnace power waste, energy saving effect is very obvious.

High degree of initiative: furnace door, furnace car all choose electric, there is the operation control table, the operator can easily control the furnace door, furnace car operation. The furnace door, the furnace car has the stroke control, to limit the limit azimuth can take the initiative to stop operation, in order to ensure safety. Incineration system has a full set of incineration, large and small fire operation, detection, flameout alarm, flameout blocking and re-incineration function, and each set of nozzle has an independent control box, can be independently controlled. Each control box interface can be connected with the temperature controller between the instruments, so that the whole system can be actively controlled. Pipeline parameters should be controlled actively. The tube control pressure of the chimney quench furnace can be set and actively adjusted, so that the combustion air and fuel volume can be controlled in the best ratio, to ensure a higher burning power and eliminate black smoke. The temperature control in the furnace adopts advanced intelligent digital display temperature controller, which, together with temperature measuring element and automatic control nozzle, forms a closed loop control. With high precision, high flexibility, anti-interference and high reliability. The temperature control system can carry out the active accounting, operation, display and storage of the production process curve in hot spot, and realize the whole process control. On the instrument cabinet, the operating values of temperature, various nozzles and pipeline parameters are displayed, and the abnormal situation alarm and emergency protection measures are provided to ensure the operation safety.

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