The main application scope of normalizing heat treatment process

The main applications of normalizing include:

For low carbon steel, after normalizing the hardness is slightly higher than annealing, toughness is also better, can be used as the pre-processing of cutting.

For medium carbon steel, can replace the quenching and tempering treatment as heat treatment, also can be used as the induction heating method for surface preparation before quenching.

Used for tool steel, bearing steel, carburizing steel, etc., can eliminate or inhibit the formation of network carbide, so as to obtain the good structure required by spheroidal annealing.

Used for steel casting, can refine the cast structure, improve the cutting performance.

Used for large forgings, can be used as heat treatment, so as to avoid the greater tendency to crack when quenching.

Used in ductile iron, so that the hardness, strength, wear resistance has been improved, such as used in the manufacture of automobiles, tractors, diesel engine crankshaft, connecting rods and other important parts.

Eutectoid steel spheroidization annealing before a normalizing, can eliminate the network of secondary cementite, in order to ensure that all cementite spheroidization annealing.

The difference between normalizing and annealing is that the cooling speed of normalizing is slightly faster than that of annealing, so the normalizing structure is finer than that of annealing, and its mechanical properties are also improved. In addition, outside the normal furnace cooling does not take up equipment, high productivity, so as far as possible to use normalizing to replace annealing in production.

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