The function and significance of copper annealing

The function of the annealing of red copper is to heat and soften the copper to meet the processing needs of different processes. The significance is to prevent the production of fracture, deformation and other abnormal forms in the process of drawing, extrusion and bending.

The hard copper can reach the good plasticity state of soft copper through annealing, and the annealing heat is normal 550℃ ~ 600℃. , red copper is not pure copper, and sometimes a large number of degreased elements or other elements are withdrawn to improve the material and properties, thus also included in the copper alloy. Chinese red copper processing materials can be divided into: general red copper (T1, T2, T3, T4), anoxic copper (TU1, TU2 and high purity, vacuum anoxic copper), degrease copper (TUP, TUMn), special copper (arsenic copper, tellurium copper, silver copper) with a large number of alloy elements four categories. The conductivity and thermal conductivity of red copper is second only to silver, widely used to make thermal and thermal equipment. Copper in the atmosphere, fresh water and some non-oxidizing acid (hydrochloric acid, dilute sulfuric acid), alkali, salt solutions and a variety of organic acids (acetic acid, organic acid), has good corrosion resistance, used in the chemical industry. In addition, red copper has good riveting property, can be cold, thermoplastic processing into various semi-waste and waste products. In the 1970s, the output of red copper outstripped that of all other copper alloys.

Copper is much more widely used than pure iron, with 50 per cent of the metal being electrolytically cracked into pure copper every year and used in the electrical light industry. The red copper that says there, want to be clinking exactly pure, contain copper to reach 99.95% above just go. Very large quantities of impurities, especially phosphorus, arsenic, aluminum, etc., will greatly increase the thermal conductivity of copper. The oxygen in copper (mix with a large number of oxygen easily when smelting copper) have very big to heat conduction rate, the copper that USES electric light industry normally must be without oxygen copper. In addition, lead, antimony, bismuth and other impurities will make the crystallization of copper can not be united together, resulting in hot brittle, but also can be pure copper processing. This kind of pure copper of very high purity is refined by normal hydrolytic method: impure copper (that is, crude copper) is used as anode, pure copper is used as negative pole, and vitriol solution is used as electrolyte. When the direct current passes through, the impure copper on the anode gradually melts, and the pure copper gradually accumulates on the negative electrode. That refined copper; Purity up to 99.99%. Red copper is a kind of copper that compares dirty, normal but close feel is pure copper, thermal conductivity, plasticity is better, but strength, hardness is poorer.

How to continue annealing the copper gasket solution?

Gasket is a sealing element, especially made of red copper gasket use more widely. Red copper gasket is a kind of corrosion resistance, wear resistance, compression performance of high-quality non-metallic coated gasket, can be used for heat exchangers, pressure vessels and other low temperature and low pressure sealing parts, ineffective prevention of gasket fragmentation and medium erosion, how do manufacturers store capacity to ensure its performance and quality? Although the copper gasket itself has good corrosion resistance and resistance to wear and pressure, but in storage or make careless, the first to be careful is the problem of moisture. Although the response of copper and water is not very strong, but we still need to be careful, the moisture in the warehouse can not make too much, after the rain after the earthquake but also timely open the Windows to breathe, to ensure that the warehouse is very dry.

The use condition of material of red copper is very much, specification and model also have a lot of, all manufacturer had better summarize to use when storing, mark clear specification on the box, lest appear mixed. In addition, the storage of shim, but also careful to take light, the shim in the box so that no damage, packaging also want to ensure the integrity of the amount, the department of shim marketing and use are certain, is not to be ignored all. People who participate in the production and application of red copper gasket know that it is beneficial to continue annealing solution of gasket, but how to continue annealing solution?

The copper shim continues to anneal the solution step is very easy, is to use the flame or high frequency induction heating power can be. Annealing is a nonmetallic thermal solution process in which nonmetals such as the red copper gasket are continuously heated to a certain degree of heat, and the remaining time is maintained, and then continue to freeze at the appropriate heat. The goal is to increase the hardness of the gasket and improve its initial cutting.

The continued annealing of the copper gasket can also remove the residual stress in the gasket, stabilize the gasket size, and reduce the deformation of the gasket and the tendency of emerging cracks. After the solution through annealing, the gasket will become soft, can play a tight seal motive. The shim made of red copper is solved by annealing, which can refine the grain, adjust the structure and eliminate the defect of the structure.

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