The electrostatic oil filter can recycle the oil efficiently

In the industrial and daily life operation of oil pump, motor, metallurgy, power generation, ship, papermaking, etc., the use of various oil resources is essential. However, we know that when oil products are used for a long time, it will cause deterioration of oil products, which will not only increase oil consumption, but also easily induce various equipment faults and shorten the service life of the machine.

The electrostatic oil filter can recycle the oil efficiently

When oil for a long period of time after use, due to the product or with the device between the pressure and friction between and the influence of the external environment, prone to cause oil oxidation, form does not dissolve in oil free material of foreign body, not only caused the pollution of oil and residue in the system of oil pollution, together with the new oil, accelerate the oxidation reaction of the new oil, the new oil pollution, shorten the use time of new oil.

At the same time, the rubbed oil is not treated at all. In the long run, with the increase of pollution, there will be an increase in water, oil color, acidity and viscosity change, continue to use the machine is likely to cause equipment failure.

The emergence of electrostatic oil filter solves all these problems well. Due to the difference of Z potential in oil, water, colloidal impurities and mechanical impurities, electrostatic oil filter can effectively remove impurity particles in oil products by using the principle of anisotropic phase absorption, avoiding oxidation and other reactions of oil products due to long-term use. Accurate filtration, high adsorption.

In addition, electrostatic oil filter for those seriously emulsified, appearance of turbidity aging or pollution waste oil recycling treatment, to achieve waste oil recycling, to alleviate the shortage of oil resources in China.

Finally, the oil after electrostatic treatment has a weak polarity, which can effectively dissolve impurities attached to the pipeline that are not easy to clean, which is of great significance in reducing the supply of new oil and improving the efficient operation of the equipment.

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