The correct method for the preparation of well type furnace shutdown

When the operator receives the boiler shutdown command, he shall make preparations for boiler shutdown and prepare tools. According to the requirements of temperature reduction during shutdown, gradually stop the oil fire and gas fire; for the burner with oil-gas mixture combustion, stop the oil fire first, and purge the oil gun and fuel oil hose to the steam in time, and then extinguish the gas fire after the fuel oil hose and fuel oil in the oil gun are purged.

The cooling process shall be slow, and the cooling speed shall be generally controlled at about 50 degrees, so as to ensure the normal combustion of the well burner, and the temperature distribution of the outlet branch of the furnace and the furnace shall be uniform. When the furnace temperature drops to about 3U0 ℃, open the flue damper and quick opening damper, change to natural ventilation, and stop the preheater and fan. The superheated steam shall be vented after relevant posts stop using it. Before the feeding pump of the heating furnace is shut down, the furnace will shut down. In order to facilitate the cleaning and oil return of the furnace pipe, after all the flameout, stop the nozzles in time to purge the steam, conduct the furnace closing operation, close the flue damper and natural ventilation valve, and avoid the furnace temperature dropping too fast.

When the well type furnace tube is not burnt, the fuel oil circulation shall be stopped, and relevant units shall be contacted for fuel oil cleaning. After the cleaning, the furnace temperature shall fall below 150 ℃. The flue damper and natural ventilation door can be fully opened, and the fuel gas can be timely ventilated and cooled in the furnace according to the needs. The fuel oil system is steam purged. Note that it is forbidden to blow fuel gas into the furnace after the heating furnace is completely flamed out. Detection of explosive gas in the furnace. Stop blowing steam into the furnace, contact the laboratory to analyze the explosive gas in the furnace, and continue blowing steam if it is unqualified until the explosive gas analysis is qualified.

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