The concept of multi-purpose furnace

The box type gas carburizing and nitriding heat treatment automatic production line is a complete set of units. The production line is composed of heating furnace, cleaning machine, tempering furnace, pusher and puller, material preparation platform, etc. the control system and main executive components are imported from foreign advanced countries, which can realize full-automatic or manual operation. The complete set of equipment is not only suitable for single variety of mass production, but also suitable for multi variety of small batch production, with simple operation and low operation cost, which can realize carburization and carbon of products Heat treatment process of nitrocarburizing, bright quenching, annealing and normalizing

Features of multi-purpose furnace equipment:

1. Square furnace structure with muffle or circular furnace without muffle is designed to eliminate the dead angle of hot air circulation, with good temperature and atmosphere uniformity in the furnace;

2. The imported carbon control microcomputer and zirconia probe are used to detect and control the carbon potential in the furnace, with high precision and stable and reliable heat treatment quality of the product;

3. SCR power regulator PID continuous control output power, high temperature control accuracy, good stability, avoid the impact of the common heat treatment furnace with contactor on / off on the radiant tube and power grid;

4. Using step-down isolation transformer, the working voltage of radiation tube is low.


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