The Trolley Stove Has A Separate Track And Transmission Device

Rapid solid solution heat treatment furnace refers to the equipment that heat up the alloy to a high temperature and maintains constant temperature in the single-phase zone, so that the excess phase can be fully dissolved into the solid solution and then cooled rapidly, so as to obtain the heat treatment process of the su-saturated solid solution.

Especially suitable for: 1. Parts that need to be processed after heat treatment. 2. Eliminate cold hardening in the forming process. 3. Workpiece after welding.

The production line of rapid quenching unit, a unit can be equipped with several different furnace types according to the user's output and process requirements. The number and type of furnace can be freely combined. The production line can meet different production processes, such as: Quenching, tempering, annealing, tempering heat treatment process, such as furnace temperature 1200 ℃, 950 ℃, 700 ℃, and so on, each production line is equipped with a quick water quenching car, the car can be up and down, left and right sides, six direction, before and after heat treatment after the completion of the workpiece, car operation quickly into the furnace will fork out from the chamber of a stove or furnace of workpiece, and quickly fell into the pond or hardening liquid pool inside, the whole process completed within 1 minute, high production efficiency, convenient operation, so as to ensure the quenching quality of workpiece.

The whole process of this quenching unit, including from the furnace loading to the furnace, as long as two staff can be completed, the whole operation into an assembly line operation, easy to operate, labor intensity is very low, work efficiency has been greatly improved, after my training, the operator can easily hold the operation technology.

1, use: the box furnace is a periodic high temperature furnace, mainly for the general small and medium-sized forging, casting and other heating at the rated temperature, using forklift truck to operate the workpiece water (oil) rapid quenching heat treatment.

(1) the heating element adopts the high-resistance alloy 0Cr27AL7Mo2 resistance belt made by shougang to be arranged on the furnace side, furnace door, rear wall and bottom, and the heating on five sides can improve the temperature uniformity of the furnace.

(2) the furnace lining is made of shandong luyang high-temperature fiber module cotton, and the bearing part of the furnace bottom is built of heavy firebrick, so as to enhance the structural strength of the furnace lining and improve the thermal insulation performance of the furnace body.

This electric furnace is mainly composed of furnace body (steel structure), furnace lining, furnace door lifting and sealing device, special forklift, forklift driving mechanism, electric heating device, temperature control and recording system and other main parts.

Special forklift truck is set in front of the quench furnace, with independent track and transmission device, which can carry the workpiece in and out before and after, shift left and right, and lift up and down. A forklift can be used to quench and temper the furnace.

The moving frame is made of section steel and steel plate, which is stable and reliable. Four synchronous reducer and gear group are adopted to realize forward and backward inlet and outlet and left and right translation. Meanwhile, two sets of Japanese mitsubishi frequency converters are equipped to ensure the smooth operation of the forklift. The shovels are made of forging pieces with a length of 2.4 m and a quantity of 3 pieces.

The lifting of shovel foot adopts hydraulic cylinder type, and its power is provided by a set of hydraulic station. The lifting mechanism is composed of bearing, track, anchor chain (chain) and so on. The cylinder stroke is 1.2 meters, piston rod 90mm, cylinder inner diameter 140mm, the speed can be adjusted; The up and down travel of the shovel is about 2.4 meters.

Forklift control: the forklift is equipped with an independent operating platform. The opening, front and rear, left and right, lifting and total stop of the forklift are respectively provided with corresponding buttons. In addition, a set of Siemens PLC can be configured to edit multiple sections of continuous action to achieve a key.

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