Tempering furnace notes for use

1. Before tempering workpiece enters the furnace, send power to the distribution box, and turn back to the trolley to check whether the instrument and instrument are normal (set temperature value), and whether the fan motor and heater are in good condition.

2. It is required to be placed neatly and not askew when loading, and the height should be kept at 100mm distance without the power supply in the furnace after entering the furnace.

3, back to the trolley into the furnace to go slowly, observe whether the operation of the furnace platform car is smooth, whether the power line is blocked chain, after entering the furnace to close the door, heating up to start the fan motor, adjust the temperature, and adjust the temperature with a thermometer.

4. When the tempering is finished, first turn off the heating switch and then turn off the fan motor, then open the door and drive out the trolley.

5. When the product is finished in the loading and unloading furnace, it is necessary to check whether the thermocouple is inserted into the furnace (thermocouple is the data value of temperature measurement). At the same time, please do not touch the thermocouple (the workpiece is not allowed to contact with the thermocouple).

6. Tempering furnace at work every 1 hour, the staff on duty must observe whether the tempering furnace instrument temperature is normal.

7. In case of circuit failure or fire due to fault, turn off the switch to extinguish the fire. When the fire in the furnace, immediately open the door to pull out of the trolley, turn off the switch to extinguish the fire.

8. When the electrical system is out of order, it shall be repaired by electricians. Non-electrical personnel are strictly prohibited to repair by themselves.

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