Temperature control system of vacuum heat treatment

Design of PLC temperature control system for vacuum heat treatment equipment

Vacuum heat treatment is a new heat treatment technology combining vacuum technology and quenching and tempering technology. The vacuum environment of vacuum heat treatment refers to the natural environment with less than one atmospheric pressure, including low vacuum, medium level vacuum, high vacuum and ultra wide vacuum. Vacuum heat treatment also belongs to the manipulation and tempering treatment.

Temperature control has become a critical stage in industrial production and scientific research activities. Whether the temperature control can be successfully achieved within the required range is related to the success and failure of all theme activities. Because of the multiplicity and multiplicity of the manipulation of the other half, the multiplicity of the selected temperature control mode is caused.

In the temperature controller of the vacuum heat treatment machine and equipment, the temperature of the main parameter to be controlled is first transformed into the necessary data signal by the controller, and then compared with the value set in advance. The relative control value is obtained after the relatively acquired error data signal goes through the necessary regular measurement. At this time, the control quantity is given to the automatic control system for relative development Operate, and continuously carry out the work, thereby exceeding the goal of fully automatic adjustment.

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