Temperature control system for heat treatment heating equipment

This paper mainly introduces the used in steel tube heat treatment furnace heating application in the actual production, through the heating of the heat treatment furnace temperature detection test equipment and methods of introduction, combined the heating process in the production of several kinds of problem types, thermocouple detection in found in the process of heat treatment furnace, furnace infrared temperature testing equipment measuring the temperature and the process to the relationship between the heating temperature, find out the mistakes in the actual production process and improve the quality of steel pipe heating method.

Temperature control system for heat treatment heating equipment

The best choice of temperature control sensor for heat treatment equipment is thermocouple. If the thermocouple is installed and used improperly, it will not only increase the measurement error, but also reduce the service life of the thermocouple. Therefore, the following problems should be paid attention to when using:

1, the thermocouple should choose the appropriate installation site. Since the temperature distribution in the box heat treatment furnace is not uniform, the thermocouple measures the temperature in a small area around the hot end, so it is necessary to choose the appropriate measuring point to install the thermocouple.

2. The depth of the thermocouple inserted into the furnace is generally no less than 8-10 times of the protection outer diameter of the thermocouple. The hot end shall be as close as possible to the heat-treated workpiece, but the thermocouple shall not be damaged when loading and unloading materials.

3. The thermocouple shall be used vertically as far as possible to prevent deformation of the protection tube at high temperature. If horizontal installation is required, the insertion depth should not be greater than 500mm, and the exposed part should be secured with a shelf, and rotated 180° after use for a period of time.

4, some tempering heat treatment furnace temperature is relatively low, thermocouple measurement is easy to produce thermal inertia, in order to avoid thermal inertia, often use open or no protection tube thermocouple.

The furnace temperature is monitored by thermocouple and controlled by intelligent control system, and the thermocouple is calibrated and tested regularly by quality control department to ensure product quality.

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