Technological transformation of heat treatment plants

Heat treatment equipment industry is a large power consumption of the machinery industry, accounting for nearly 30% of the total power consumption of the machinery industry, heat treatment equipment industry is mainly energy saving. Therefore, the energy saving potential of heat treatment industry is huge.

Most of the heating equipment in the thermal treatment plant is old equipment. Box type, well type, trolley type heating furnace and part of the salt bath furnace with air as the heating medium constitute the main thermal processing equipment in the current mechanical manufacturing and metallurgy industries. In recent 20 years, domestic research and introduction of ^ less, non-oxidation heating furnace, such as vacuum furnace, protective atmosphere furnace, controlled atmosphere furnace, ion nitrizing furnace accounted for less than 20%. Nevertheless, these advanced heating equipment due to the management and operator quality is not high, and did not give full play to the equipment.

Therefore, the heat treatment plant to heat treatment equipment furnace technical transformation is imperative, to promote the new technology, the development of new process materials, training workers to improve the quality of the industry staff; The update of heat treatment equipment is also quite heavy. While promoting the use of new vacuum heating equipment and protective atmosphere and controlled atmosphere heating equipment, it is equally important to carry out technical transformation of the old traditional heating equipment in service. The selection of feasible and practical technical transformation programs and measures to promote them can create considerable wealth for enterprises and countries.

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