Technical requirements for TD heat treatment

Forming a layer of high hardness wear-resistant material on the surface of the workpiece is an effective and economic way to improve the wear-resistant, anti-seize, corrosion-resistant and other properties of the workpiece, so as to improve its service life,

The surface hardness of TD coating is about hv3200,

Compared with the traditional surface treatment methods such as carburizing HV ~ 900, nitriding HV ~ 1200, hard chromium plating HV ~ 1000, and even boronizing HV 1200 ~ 1800, the hardness of the surface treatment is much higher, so it has far better wear resistance than these surface treatment methods.

Physical vapor deposition (PVD), physical chemical vapor deposition (PCVD), chemical vapor deposition (CVD), TD coating treatment are several modern surface super hardening treatment methods, among which PVD and PCVD process have low temperature and small deformation, and the formed titanium nitride coating HV can reach about 2000,

However, due to the poor adhesion of the titanium nitride coating formed by these two methods and the parent material, the coating is easy to peel off in practical application. In the more severe use conditions, such as drawing dies, the satisfactory use effect can not be achieved at all, or even has no effect at all

Therefore, PVD, PCVD are often difficult to play the performance advantages of superhard compound coating

The hardness of titanium carbide coating formed by high temperature CVD method is close to that obtained by TD coating treatment, and the coating and substrate treated by high temperature CVD method and TD coating are metallurgical combination, which has the film-based bonding force incomparable with PVD and PCVD, so it is the most effective surface super hardening method at present. Compared with CVD coating, the operation cost is higher, and subsequent treatment is also more difficult, The application of TD heat treatment is mainly focused on cemented carbide workpieces. Because of the convenience of subsequent treatment, TD heat treatment layer can be used for both steel and cemented carbide. In addition, TD coating treatment technology can be repeated many times without removing the original coating

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