Technical requirements and operation precautions of industrial electric furnace

1) Prepare the lifting appliances for furnace discharge and wear labor protection articles.

2) Close all valves on the oil dripper and furnace gas pipeline, turn off the fan and cut off the power supply.

3) Open the sample hole and vent valve.

4) Start the furnace cover, crane and lifting appliance, and lift the material basket in line with the ear of the material basket. Do not lift the material basket obliquely.


(1) For the furnace with direct cooling, when the furnace temperature drops to 400 ℃, stop the fan, and when it drops to 200 ℃ or below, stop the cooling circulating water at room temperature.

(2) The furnace for heat preservation can be reduced to 300 ℃ for heat preservation, and a small amount of carburizing agent or protective gas shall be dripped in the furnace.

Operation precautions

(1) Regularly check whether the indicated temperature of the instrument is normal, and the inspection cycle is 15min.

(2) Always check the pressure of the furnace, the amount of liquid dripping agent, whether the exhaust pipe is blocked, and whether the circulating cooling water is smooth.

(3) The furnace temperature shall not exceed the design temperature.

(4) When the furnace temperature is lower than 750 ℃, it is forbidden to drip liquid or feed protective gas into the furnace.

(5) Add lubricating oil regularly, at least once a day.

(6) The furnace tank, electric heating element and fan guard board shall be inspected regularly, and the oil dripper and exhaust pipe shall be cleaned regularly.

(7) Check the temperature control instrument once every quarter and the thermocouple once every half a year.

(8) The discharging shall be stable, and it is strictly prohibited that the material basket collides with the furnace tank.

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