T6 heat treatment procedure for aluminum alloy castings

T6 treatment of aluminum alloy is solid solution treatment plus artificial aging treatment. As long as the heat treatment of aluminum alloy with different components is solid solution treatment plus artificial aging treatment, it can be called T6 treatment, indicating its heat treatment status.

T6 heat treatment process of aluminum alloy castings: heating - heat preservation - quenching - aging.

Preparation before heat treatment (equipment: aluminum alloy solid solution (quenching) furnace) :

1. Before the heat treatment, check whether the heat treatment equipment, control system and instruments are normal.

2. Castings shall be dry and free of oil pollution, stolen goods and explosive before loading. Castings shall be classified according to alloy number, outline size, casting wall thickness and heat treatment specifications.

3. Castings whose shape is prone to warping shall be placed on a special chassis or bracket, and cantilever parts suspended in the air are not allowed. Large castings shall be placed on a special rack to install the furnace.

4. The single casting or auxiliary casting test bar to check the casting performance shall be heat-treated together with the parts in the furnace to determine the performance of the casting.

Heating and insulation:

1. After heating to the set temperature, check and adjust the temperature of the furnace at any time during the insulation period (? To prevent local high temperature or burning.

2. If it cannot be recovered within a short time after power failure, the casting in the heat preservation shall be quickly removed and quenched, and then the furnace shall be installed, the heat preservation and heat treatment shall be conducted after the normal recovery. The total heat preservation time shall be slightly extended.

Oven cooling:

1. After the thermal insulation is finished, open the furnace door, put down the basket and drop the casting rapidly into the pool, and then quench it into the specified cooling medium for cooling.

2. The quenching transfer time refers to the total time from the casting to the casting being quenched into the medium, preferably no more than 15s.

Correction of casting deformation:

1 casting deformation shall be corrected immediately after quenching, and straightening dies and tools shall be prepared in advance before quenching.

2. According to the characteristics and deformation of the casting, the corresponding correction method should be selected. The force should not be too strong, but should be slow and uniform.

Aging operation: (equipment: aluminum alloy aging furnace) :

1. For castings requiring artificial aging, aging treatment shall be conducted within 0.5h after quenching as soon as possible. The hardened basket may be pushed directly into the aging furnace, but the temperature of the product shall not exceed the aging temperature.

2. Set the temperature of the automatic temperature controller, then send electricity for heating and start the fan.

3, after the insulation time, disconnect the power supply.

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