Surface heat treatment hardening and solid solution type

Heat treatment is a surface treatment that includes hardening and thermal diffusion, both of which use heat to surface the workpiece. There are two types of heat treatment hardening and heat diffusion; Hardening is a key surface treatment for durability and is not easily broken. Many applications require that their components be robust and resistant to wear due to their large impact processes. Automotive and packaging industries require its special functions, and the Shanghai heat treatment offers a variety of hardening automation components, such as linear shafting, spur gears and locating pins.

In general, metals are solid solutions and ceramics are compounds. The solid solution is to mix a variety of elements into a single phase. A compound is a place where many elements do not mix but have become heterogeneous materials. There are two types of solid solution, interstitial solid solution, in which the atoms invade another atomic space and replace the solid solution, in which the atoms of each other have been replaced by another atomic space.

The gap atoms that make up the gap solid solution must be small nonmetals, such as nitrogen and carbon. The two elements that replace the solid solution are both metals. These compounds are formed by the diffusion of nonmetals into metals. For example, oxygen (O) diffuses to titanium (Ti) to form titanium oxide (TiO2), titanium carbide (TiC), if its carbon (C).

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