Study on the causes of excessive heat treatment energy consumption

Due to the late start of China's industry, the current level of heat treatment equipment is generally backward, low efficiency, large energy consumption and serious energy waste. The results of the investigation show that the reasons for the excessive heat treatment energy consumption mainly include the following aspects.

According to the statistical data, the load rate of heat treatment equipment in China is generally low, and the equipment load of many manufacturers is less than 50%. Lead to the low load rate, low utilization rate of equipment is the cause of heat treatment production too scattered, ChangDian there is a widespread lack of task and more, and equipment capacity and greater than the actual need, this big consequences in the car, causing huge waste of energy, so in this case, according to the industrial development around the professional heat treatment plant, set up corresponding scale will cost too much to heat treatment industry present situation has great difference.

The low utilization rate of equipment in the production of the production continuity, resulting in the low utilization rate of equipment, in general heat treatment process, if the production continuity is poor, used for heating, melting salt time accounted for half, the auxiliary time is long, the effective utilization rate of equipment will not be high.

Heating equipment outdated equipment, technical performance is backward, heating equipment thermal efficiency is low, heat loss, furnace lining material insulation performance is poor, heat absorption is also large. For example, in the heat treatment equipment now in use, there are still a large number of early products, these equipment thermal efficiency is low, so we must seriously carry out technical transformation, strengthen the development and application of new equipment, in order to save energy consumption.

Invalid heat consumption more invalid consumption in the heating process, such as pit type furnace, carburizing furnace, continuous push-rod furnace and controlled atmosphere multi-purpose use of Muffle furnace Muffle tank radiant tube as heating equipment, is the fuel and combustion products to the heat transfer process inside the furnace is completely enclosed within "muff tube" a burning device, including the burner and the muff tube, muff tube end connected to the burner and furnace, the other end into the flue, combustion flame stretch muff flow flue pipe, and through the wall to the radiation heat transfer in the furnace, due to the way mainly radiation heat transfer, so called the radiant tube. It mainly consists of four parts: radiant tube body, burner, air preheater and hot air passage. At present, in addition to the gas-fired radiant tube, there are also electric radiant tube, that is, the resistance wire is heated by electricity in the tube and the heat is transferred to the heat-treated workpiece in the form of thermal radiation by the heated casing surface. , the charging basket, tray, and suspension of workpiece clamping apparatus, sling size is too big, heat-resistant steel members too thick, the weight sometimes far more than the weight of the heating workpiece, such as RJJ - 105-9 carburizing furnace heat-resistant steel members total weight of 1751 kg, and its yield of 500 kg/h, each heating cycle heating cooling with artifacts and its more than 3 times of the heat energy consumption for artifacts. Therefore, the improvement of fixture structure and the development of new heat resistant steel become an important way of heat treatment energy saving.

At present, the heat treatment technology in China is generally too conservative. This not only has the heat treatment procedure that can be cancelled in the process formulation, but also is too conservative in the calculation of the heating and holding time.

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