Structure of mesh belt furnace

Furnace body structure

1. The overall dimension of the cellar is about 6.5m long, 1.2m wide and 1.6m high. There are feed system and discharge system respectively. The furnace body is divided into 4 sections for production, which is convenient for transportation and equipment mobilization. The inlet and outlet table is made of stainless steel to prevent the materials from being placed in friction, pollution and scratches that affect the appearance. All around the furnace body are equipped with protective hanging plates, and the shell is all painted with baking paint. The shape is imitated from the equipment imported from the United States. The workmanship is meticulous and the overall appearance is beautiful and generous.

2. Furnace hall and material insulation are made of mullite and alumina ceramic fiber. The utility model has the advantages of fast temperature rise, remarkable heat preservation effect, energy saving, etc.

3. The transmission system is composed of mesh belt, transmission wheel, pulley, pressing wheel, reducer, motor, frequency converter, etc. the transmission speed can be determined by the customer (Note: the speed of silver burning of magnetic core is generally 5cm per minute)

The whole set of equipment consists of furnace body, mesh belt drive system and temperature control system. The furnace body is composed of feeding section, pre burning section, sintering section, slow cooling section, water cooling section and discharging section. The mesh belt transmission system is composed of high temperature resistant mesh belt, transmission device, etc. The operation speed of the mesh belt is adjusted by the frequency converter, equipped with a digital display mesh belt speed measuring device; the mesh belt speed can be read directly; the temperature control system is composed of thermocouple and digital display.

The intelligent PID regulator and SCR form a closed-loop control system, which can realize automatic and accurate temperature control.

The heating element of the mesh belt furnace adopts FEC ceramic heating plate or ceramic heating rod. The temperature control system is controlled by multi-stage intelligent program temperature controller imported from Japan. According to the requirements, it can be configured with data communication interface, frequency conversion and stepless speed regulation, heat-resistant steel mesh belt transmission, and the design concept of big wrap angle tension wheel, which ensures the stable transportation of the product.


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